What is the latest Childish Gambino song?

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Several weeks ago, the nearly 6 minute long track entitled “Centipede,” became the latest Childish Gambino song. Released directly from Gambino himself via his SoundCloud account, the song shows a different side to the actor-turned-rapper. The first minute of the song has the rapper harmonizing over the sounds of a dog barking distantly in the background. The hook contains Gambino singing several lines from the intro, but lazily, somewhat mumbling over the lines, “We lost all of our sad love songs/Hey centipede, centipede, centipede.”

Haunting to say the least, the disorienting track mixes Gambino’s vocals with some more emotional raps than some of his previous music (“I’m at my grandma’s house, man like I don’t know what to say/Maybe ‘I’m sorry,’ but sorry don’t pay the rent/I promise to pay you back and I don’t know where he at/But tell him he missing out”).

The theme for much of the first half of the track is what Gambino has already stated in the Gambino song stock prior to “Centipede.” He recollects his struggle of not being taken seriously (which he has been discussing since 2008’s Sick Boi), reps his hometown of Stone Mountain, Georgia, throws a shout out to his grandmother, and responds to his critics about his ambition.

For roughly the final two minutes of the track, Gambino samples the documentary "Behind the Lava Lamp." Theme-wise, in the sample, Gambeezy parallels his struggle of trying to make it in the music industry with that of the struggle of actually being in the industry.

Over at the Gambino camp, things have been relatively quiet music-wise. Having been featured on several songs, such as Reflex’s “Body So Tight,” and Flux Pavilion’s “Do or Die,” there hasn't been a new Childish song released in over a year. While his tweets from his personal twitter, @donaldglover, were deleted prior to July 22, the rapper’s website also had a makeover. Iamdonald.com, once a blog powered through Tumblr, now holds a dark background of butterflies with a single box to insert the users email address. Upon doing so, a thank you message appears, signed “love, donald” [sic].

Perhaps partly due to the silence on the rapper’s end, Gambino has made headlines lately, some considering him a “couch potato rapper.” Though Gambino hasn’t released any of his own music in over a year (aside from “Centipede”), he has been busy at work acting. On July 30, the Community star tweeted a link to a video clip entitled, "Clapping For The Wrong Reasons," which appears to be a film in the works. He also stars in the motion picture, "The To Do List," which hit theatres July 26. He is also set to film "Reawakening," due in theatres sometime in 2014.

Regardless of Childish Gambino’s critics, what “Centipede” does bring is not only a fresh of breath air in the world of rap music, but also showcases a turning point for Gambino’s career. “Centipede,” doesn’t only respond to critics, but also explains to fans that Gambino is struggling with the industry that vehemently retracts his raps and diminishes him as a rapper.

Ultimately, what makes Gambino so unique is his difference to much of the mainstream and underground rappers. While the themes within “Centipede” may very well be recycled from other Childish Gambino songs, Kanye West continues to rap about his distaste for celebrity status, Tyler, the Creator brought back his therapist, Dr. TC, and Big Sean reminisces about his days in Detroit.

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