What happened when the sextuplets were born in PA?

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On June 1, 2011 sextuplets were born Pennsylvania at Abington Memorial Hospital. The parents, Stacey and Brendan Carey, were already the parents of 16 month old Juliana when their new group of babies were born. As a hospital spokesperson stated at a news conference, the sextuplets birth was when "the extraordinary met the ordinary."As most mothers know pregnancy can be difficult when carrying just one child, but the birth of the Carey babies at week 27 was risky and complicated. The hospital had over 60 people working together to ensure a smooth delivery for all. Weeks in advance the hospital crew practiced and tweaked the birth plan so that everyone was ready and organized. Mom, Stacey, had been in the hospital for the last six weeks of the pregnancy and started feeling contractions during week 27.

As each child was born he or she was labeled a letter, A through F, on their hat and handed off to a team to care for that child. Each team consisted of a physician, a nurse and a respiratory therapist. The teams requested one minute between each birth to have the next group ready to accept the new baby. All babies are responding to therapy, but are in critical condition. Four of the children weigh just over two pounds and the other two infants weigh just over one pound. The children have a 10% chance of death and a 15% chance of disability due to their premature birth.Mom, Stacey, got up during the press conference to thank all of the people that helped at the hospital, as well as family and friends who have been assisting with things at home. The new babies, six boys and six girls, are named Emma, Samantha, Olivia, John, Patrick and Connor. Mom joked that now that their nine person family is now complete!

Of course, the birth of sextuplets is rare, but has increased due to the use of fertility enhancements. Stacey Carey used ovulation induction to help with fertility problems which was the cause of most of the sextuplets born in the past 30 years. Couples are often suggested to consider "Selection Reduction" to decrease the number of fetuses in the womb to give the remaining fetuses a better chance of survival. The first known surviving set of sextuplets was recorded in South Africa in 1974. In the United States the first set of sextuplets were the Diilley Six Pack - the Dilley sextuplets born in 1993.

As for the Carey babies, they're not out of the woods, yet. The infants are expected to remain in the hospital for another 10 - 12 weeks. They are currently on breathing machines and receiving intravenous nutrition along with their mother's milk. Stacey and Brendan are organized and ready to welcome their little ones home when they are discharged. Both grandmothers are available to help with the army of children and the family has, luckily, are large group of friends and family who are in line to aid them when needed. For now the parents will keep the newspapers and videos to show the babies later stating the sextuplets were born in Pennsylvania. That's them!

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